I saw the UFO clearly

NEVER mind about the UFO reports from the 1980s (‘‘Mirage jets on UFO alert: archives’’ Herald 6/8), in the late 1950s I had just started high school and was an amateur astronomy buff and avid Sputnik watcher. I and my Fennell Bay neighbours spotted a UFO.

It was typical of UFO events of the time: we observed a saucer-like object for some time, then heard two Sabre jets approaching. What happened next was extraordinary: as the jets approached, the UFO took off vertically and was out of sight in seconds. The Sabres turned around. We reported this to the Herald, only to hear back from the reporter the next day that the RAAF base had said ‘‘none of our aircraft were in the air last night’’. No mention of the incident ever appeared in the paper.

Fact one: multiple witnesses saw the UFO, whatever it was. Fact two: the RAAF at Williamtown was the only place that had Sabre jets and there is no denying that we both saw and heard them. Fact three: I doubt we will ever learn the truth about this and many other similar incidents.

Garry Robinson, Mannering Park

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