Police allege balaclava-clad drug users in Barnsley shooting

TWO balaclava-clad drug users who entered the Barnsley home of Bradley and Kenneth Wells wielding a sawn-off shotgun got more than they bargained for, police alleged.

Police said Michelle Rose Sullivan, 32, and Linton Green, 26, went into the father’s and son’s home on the morning of May 25 last year.

They found Kenneth Wells, 26, in his bedroom where Ms Sullivan allegedly stood over him in an ‘‘aggressive manner’’ while Mr Green raised the gun at his head.

Police said they demanded money and drugs, and Mr Wells took $105 from his pocket and threw it onto the bed.

But when Ms Sullivan tried to grab Mr Wells, he put her in a headlock and took hold of the gun with his other hand, fighting them both, police said.

The details are in a brief of evidence tendered against Ms Sullivan in Newcastle Local Court yesterday.

Ms Sullivan has been committed to trial in the district court on three charges: robbery armed with an offensive weapon causing grievous bodily harm, shoot at with intent to murder, and aggravated break and enter.

Mr Green is facing the same charges, which are still progressing in the local court.

Neither has entered pleas.

In the police statement of facts against Ms Sullivan they alleged that a fight ensued during which two shots were fired, one hitting the wall and the other hitting Mr Wells in the groin.

The altercation allegedly continued down the hallway outside the bedroom of Bradley Wells, 46, an amputee who swung out of his bedroom on one leg.

It is alleged the gun was pointed at him and he was shot in the chest.

The statement said Kenneth Wells then grabbed Mr Green and they fell to the floor, thrashing about before Mr Wells ran off to a third bedroom and escaped out of a window.

According to a witness, Mr Green later said he ‘‘cracked him one’’ but that he ‘‘put up a mad fight’’.

The couple were arrested in Queensland some months later but were living at Achilles Street, Nelson Bay, at the time.

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