Votes before childcare

THE decision by the Labor/Greens/Tate alliance to lodge a rescission motion over the review of the childcare services has effectively moved this issue to its third council. In my opinion the issue has been hijacked for political grandstanding and the previously agreed position will now be in the hands of a completely new council that likely will have very few of the present councillors. Probably the whole thing will need to be started again – with the risk that the current agreed outcome will no longer be on the table. This is a waste of 6 years of council officers’ work.

When the decision was made to hand back the Regal Cinema to the community, that was only the start of the process. It took quite some time before the proper documentation was finalised and it was done in conjunction with the working party. The childcare centres are members of the working party and the gifting decision was for a staged approach to get them to an end point successfully. There was nothing being forced on anyone. This is ‘‘chicken little’’ political grandstanding that now risks community-based childcare being lost. And for what? A few votes?

Cr Mike Jackson, Fletcher

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