Benn Harradine's focus switches to 2016

BENN Harradine’s body language said it all.

The Eleebana discus thrower was sitting on the track at London’s Olympic Stadium, pondering what might have been, as his rivals battled it out for the medals.

He had realised a dream by reaching the final.

But after a best effort of 63.59metres, he missed the cut for a second chance.

The top eight of the 12 finalists after three throws earn the right for another three.

Harradine finished ninth, and what made it even harder to accept was that his personal best of 67.53m was not far off the gold-medal distance of 67.79m from Germany’s Robert Harting.

‘‘I’m a bit disappointed because I know I can throw further than that,’’ he said.

‘‘But with technical sports like discus, it’s a fine line between trying too hard and not trying hard enough.

‘‘I think tonight I didn’t try hard enough. But when I qualified for London, I set myself the goal of making the final.

‘‘I achieved that, so I have to be happy about that.’’

Harradine, 29, had no doubt he would continue competing until Rio de Janeiro.

‘‘Yeah, for sure,’’ he said.

‘‘I really love being involved in sport, I love competing, I love travelling around the circuit.

‘‘I feel strong. I feel light.

‘‘I definitely see myself trying to compete at another Olympics, and I guess then I’ll have to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.’’

Harradine said consistency was the key if he was to take the step from Olympic finalist to medal contender.

‘‘I know that I can throw as far as anyone, although I probably didn’t show that tonight,’’ he said.

‘‘Back in April, I threw a 67.53, but my last few competitions leading into the Olympics haven’t been my best.

‘‘It’s about throwing like that regularly, not just one every now and again. I just have to keep working hard.’’

Harradine said one of his rivals in the final was 39 years old and that many throwers do not peak until their early 30s.

Harradine’s cause was not helped by injuries.

He struggled with a back complaint two months ago and needed to compete in London with a knee brace, because of an injury that will need surgery. ‘‘But I’m not making any excuses,’’ he said.

His three throws in the final were 58.2m, 63.16m and 63.59m. He threw 64m in the qualifiers, which also was ranked ninth.

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