Do you have a name to drop?

THE PM came to our work yesterday and met everyone on our floor. Topics was out. Typical.

We didn’t even have a good reason for missing her (surprise) visit.

In an effort to avoid buying lunch we’d gone home to make a tuna sandwich.

‘‘Dude, did you just miss the Prime Minister visit?’’ read a text from a colleague.

‘‘Met her once before,’’ we sent back, chewing miserably on our fish on multi-grain.

There was a pause, then another message from the same colleague.

Colleague: ‘‘Name dropper.’’

Us: ‘‘John Travolta. Beer. Me.’’

This was true. We’d served the Grease and Pulp Fiction star a beer in 2005 while working in a bar at a corporate box during a Socceroos game. It was a Hahn Premium.

Colleague: ‘‘Cate Blanchett.’’

Us: ‘‘That’s cute. John McEnroe.’’

This was misleading. We’d seen Mack the Knife out walking once in Melbourne when he was there to commentate on the Australian Open tennis. But it was too good a name drop to resist.

That seemed to end the contest, which pleased us. But now we’re eager for more. What we’re saying, dear reader, is that this is your chance to name drop.

Have you had a brush with fame? Who was it, and where? Let us know.

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