Anglers aim inside again

IT’S getting a bit repetitive, but forecasts suggests another southerly buster, complete with 30- to 40-knot winds and six-metre swell, will blow in again this weekend.

With that in mind, Trevor Notley, from Sandy Bottom Boat Charters, recommends anglers hit the estuaries and harbour.

‘‘There’s fish in the harbour,’’ Trevor said yesterday.

‘‘There’s fish outside, too, if you can get out, which you won’t be able to this weekend.

‘‘I was out last weekend and we got 30 or so fish each day – mostly tailor, flathead and tarwhine.

‘‘There was bonito and leatherjacket too.

‘‘Inside the harbour, guys have been getting salmon, tailor, bream and flathead.

‘‘If people fish correctly with light gear in close to pilons and structure, they’ll get fish.’’

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Take cover in corner

ROSS Duff, from Salamander Bait and Tackle, agrees it’s going to be an ordinary weekend and the southern corners of the estuaries will be the place to go.

‘‘Having said that, it won’t be too bad,’’ Duff said yesterday.

‘‘There’s been good bream around the marina, the breakwall and Anchorage.

‘‘The bream coming off the oyster racks have been awesome.

‘‘There’s plenty of luderick off the breakwalls – really good this year in numbers and size.

‘‘Les Royal, a local gun, has been consistently bagging out.’’

Fisherman’s Bay and Boat Harbour have been good for squire.

‘‘Corlette local ‘Mullet’ Connell has been getting squire up to 3kg off Fisherman’s,’’ Duff said.

‘‘Drummer have been solid off the rocks, but you’ll have to be careful this weekend.

‘‘Still plenty of tailor off the headlands, but again, you won’t want to go there this weekend if the weather turns out as bad as they say it will be.’’

Sticking inside the port, Duff said there’s been a few school jew coming off the breakwall. Karuah bridge up the back of the bay may be worth a shot.

Get on the good oil

THE big news coming out of Lake Macquarie this week, according to Jason ‘‘One For’’ Nunn, from Fisherman’s Warehouse, is the 51.4-kilogram oil fish Matt Griffith and Jaydan Bruce bagged off Swansea on Matt’s boat, She’s Kranky.

Oil fish look like prehistoric jewfish with big snake-like heads and glow-in-the-dark, night-vision eyes.

Jason reckons he’s had 60 people through Fishermans Warehouse this week having a gander.

‘‘Everyone swears they’ve never seen anything like it,’’ Jason said yesterday.

‘‘It’s up at Glenn Stewart’s at Caves Beach this weekend to get a mould made.’’

Oil fish tend to sit on the bottom during the day and then chase squid, baitfish and shrimp at night.

Take time to troll

JASON concurs the weather this weekend will be tough and recommends anglers troll the lake with deep divers in search of tailor, flathead and jew.

‘‘Tim Seckold’s been doing that lately with good results,’’ Jason said.

‘‘The key is to put in the time and be methodical.’’

Jason’s boy Pat, the Marks Point Marksman, and his mate Justin Worley chased bream in the channel through the week and found them a bit elusive, but word is trevally are going wild over pilchards.

‘‘There’s been a few flathead coming off the channel on lures, Coon Island, Swan Bay, down at Pelican, but the best results have been over on the Western side around Wangi, Bonnells Bay.

‘‘Salmon have cleared out of Salts Bay – I think a few seals and the sharks have moved them on.

‘‘Normally the salmon leave about September, but this year they’ve come early and left early, leaving a few small schools throughout the lake.’’

Father’s Day comp

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Fishing for big ideas

TALK about a positive role model.

When Rebecca Langdon, pictured, is not chasing big ideas as principal of Muswellbrook South Public School, she likes to head north and chase big fish.

This 1.13-metre estuary cod was caught and released off Possession Island in the Torres Strait on her recent trip to the Cape.

According to school sources, a trophy snap is available for examination, and no doubt exaltation, in the office at the school.

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