Dangerous addiction

I WAS part of a jury about 40 years ago. We found a drink driver guilty of killing a woman and a baby in a car accident. A husband lost his wife and daughter. Police and paramedics suffered the trauma of freeing and handling the two bodies. The driver’s parents, wife and children were in the courtroom when the judge sentenced the driver to five years in prison. Who then paid the family’s mortgage – or did they become homeless?

The driver was punished, wasn’t he? That would teach people not to drink and drive, wouldn’t it? Those who manufactured, marketed and sold this poisonous drug were not even charged and paid no cost. Are they guilty or not guilty?

When I was 20 I drank five glasses of beer at a wedding feast. Later, driving home, I almost ran over a pedestrian. The high kerb deflected my car and I missed him by centimetres. I no longer drink alcohol. To me, any intake of this drug before driving is wanton negligence. Why has our culture of drinking become so normal that governments, politicians, media, entertainers and sports people continue to nurture this addiction?

Don Wilson, Anna Bay

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