Haters’ political pages

THE article ‘‘Call to put leash on social media’’ (Herald 10/8) refers briefly to a Coalition taskforce examining tougher regulation of offensive social media material, in particular Facebook. I was astounded that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says ‘‘there are issues with social media that need examining’’.

There sure are. I suggest that the first things Mr Abbott could examine are the disgusting Coalition-supporting pages that are full of hate, foul language, death threats and disgusting altered images of the Prime Minister. I suggest he check out pages like ‘‘Juliar Gillard worst Prime Minister in Australia’s history!!’’ or one called ‘‘Julia Gillard – Worst PM in Australian History’’. These sites are disgusting and have been reported to Facebook many times without success.

Even Coalition members have set up pages that are not just critical of the government and the Prime Minister, but look to me to be hate-inciting. Yes, social media certainly needs examing, but neither Mr Abbott nor his party are the ones to do it.

Geoff Mason, Tea Gardens

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