Stay out of Newcastle

NEWCASTLE City Council must want to keep people out of the city centre to reduce the costs of maintaining its essential services. It must be cheaper to maintain empty streets. What other reason could the council have for imposing two-hour parking limits until 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays? Revenue raising? Surely not.

If you plan to attend a matinee performance at the Civic Theatre or attend the art gallery or museum, you will need to carry about $20 in loose change and make frequent return trips to your parking meter. Perhaps performances at the Civic Theatre will schedule stops every 100minutes, enabling a mass exodus of performers and audiences to scurry out and feed the parking meters.

Alternatively, visitors to the CBD could park a couple of kilometres away and walk to the CBD, taking in the aroma of stale alcohol and urine-soaked shopfronts. It’s time the council demonstrated a commitment to the remaining businesses and cultural attractions in the CBD.

Chris Maxfield, Kotara

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