Kids learn science at preschool

CHILDREN as young as two are conducting experiments and looking down microscopes as part of a push to promote science from an early age.

Cardiff Community Pre School celebrated National Science Week this week with a series of experiments each day designed for its charges aged from two to five.

Students looked at the contents of their sandpit under a microscope, saw food dye swirl through milk, made sherbet and contemplated the chromatography of colours running from Smarties.

Centre director James Petrovic said under the new national early years learning framework childcare centres were encouraged to incorporate more science into children’s learning.

‘‘It’s an opportunity to expose young minds to science,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re just trying to get them to think about different things within their little world.’’

Mr Petrovic said parents could do science with their child by discussing their questions about everyday life.

‘‘All you need to do is answer their questions adequately for their age level and you are doing preschool science.’’

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