King coal powers on

TO those people concerned that we are too dependent on coal and oil, don’t worry. You don’t have to be tied to coal.

Just turn off your power and sit in the dark and the cold if you wish. Or burn candles and cow dung.

We can look to Spain, Denmark and Germany as examples of nations using alternative energy, but I believe no country in Europe generates most of its power from wind and solar.

Spain’s economy has almost collapsed. It is rapidly winding back spending on wind and solar power to avoid bankruptcy.

Denmark buys a lot of electricity from its conventional-powered neighbours, and Germany is in the process of greatly expanding its coal-fired power generation with 23 new stations (both black and brown coal) totalling 24,000 megawatt capacity being built. More are planned. Compare that with coal-powered Australia.

As for oil shortages, we have been promised peak oil every year since 1972. It still hasn’t happened. Don’t hold your breath.

Peter Devey


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