WINNERS: Father’s Day fishing giveaway competition

David Proudlove and Joshua McClenahan are the winners of our Father’s Day fishing giveaway competition for their funniest fishing yarns. Check out their stories below.

David Proudlove

David's story was featured in last week's column:

IT’S not often you get a chance to feature nudity in a fishing story, so when the chance arises, you gotta run with it.

‘‘Demon’’ David Proudlove participated in the Wangi Fishing Club comp last week.

Seeking a competitive edge, or perhaps just plain lazy, Demon decided to do an overnighter in his boat.

‘‘Things were a bit slow so I replaced the live yakka for a fillet of the same,’’ Demon reported.

‘‘Ten thirty I went to bed leaving the Abu Garcia [reel] in freespool with the ratchet on.’’

Round 1.30 in the morning the serenity is shattered by the sound of a screaming reel. Demon jumps out of bed, runs out on deck, grabs his rod and puts the reel into gear.

‘‘All hell broke loose as the fish took off at speed out between the moorings,’’ he recalled. ‘‘As I don’t wear any clothes to bed I now realised I’m standing here naked with a very upset fish heading out to the bay. What to do?’’

Putting fear of public misdemeanour aside, Demon quickly manoeuvred to the side of his boat the dinghy was on and climbed over and released the rope to set chase.

‘‘By this time the fish had gone across the back off the cabin cruiser to my left, so I wound my way to the transom of the cruiser and found the line caught under the step ladder which had been left in the water.

‘‘Lifting the ladder I breathed a sigh of relief as the line came free and was now heading out in to Wangi bay.

‘‘Five minutes later I had the fish spent alongside.’’

It was at that moment Demon realised his net was back on the boat

‘‘Luckily the jewfish was totally exhausted and I was able to slip my arm under it and lift it in,’’ he explained.

‘‘Reality then hit home as I realised I was in the middle of the lake at 2am naked.

‘‘Good thing was though, when I weighed the fish in at the comp it was the biggest fish for the year.’’

Joshua McClenahan

Joshua emailed Fishing with this yarn:

My funniest fishing experience was when I went out deep sea fishing with 9 of mates from Swansea for my bucks/wet the baby's head weekend. It was a rough day and swell 2-3 metres. We were meant to go out at 3pm but we got a call from the skipper of the boat advising that it was changed to 1pm due to the tides and sea conditions. Luckily we were already at Swansea RSL having lunch, however it left no time to take sea sick tablets as we all had planned. It was the first time that six of the 10 of us had been out deep sea fishing - myself included. So we took the tablets with our schooners of beer (which will turn out to be a huge mistake as we found out.)

We hadn't even made it out through the heads and the first guy had already starting showing signs of sea sickness - he had the cold sweats. Two minutes later he was sick, then the guy next to him also started being sick. (Both these guys ended up enduring a tough two hours out at sea without even touching a fishing rod!!!!) Once we were down around the Catherine Hill Bay area and we stopped to fish at a reef, within 15 minutes, five of us were sick. I remember myself sitting in the middle of the boat next to my mate and looking at him and watching him turn green as Kermit the Frog. I'd never seen anyone turn green before so I got up and walked away cause I was starting to feel crook. I turned back around 5 minutes later and he was back to normal.

By now we were one hour into our four hour session, six out of the 10 were sick and the four who weren't were rubbing in to the others like no tomorrow. Now we were two hours into the trip and all my sick mates were begging me to call it quits, and we headed back to the channel. One comment one of mates said on that day that I will always remember is to the skipper: "Whatever we're paying you for this trip, I will pay you double to take me back in." At the time he was standing holding onto a pole staring at the horizion trying not be sick anymore.

Hope you have enjoyed my story as much as I still do every time I think about it.

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