Afghanistan war is lost

ANOTHER five Australian soldiers have died in Afghanistan and still we don't know why. We are told these recent deaths will not deflect the Australian government from its mission in that country. This is a government mission. It is not a mission of the Australian community, because I am yet to find many people who want our troops there and who understand why we are there.

The Prime Minister says that to pull our troops out now would dishonour the troops who have died in Afghanistan. If you follow this logic through, the more who die the longer we have to stay.

This is a thoroughly futile war. To say we are succeeding is laughable. As soon as we leave the Taliban will re-emerge and the country will once again descend into chaos.

The biggest threat to Australia from Afghanistan is heroin - yet we see very little success in stemming that killer trade. If we are to have any success in this war, then stop the heroin trade. I fear we will see more Australians die before the government has enough courage to call a halt. Another failed war and another failure of leadership.

Daryll Hadfield, Redhead

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