Hunter council elections update: Sunday

The Newcastle Herald will continue to update this website with stories as they come to hand and, of course, you can expect detailed coverage tomorrow in the paper.

To read a blow-by-blow account of the region's elections last night, check out Ben Smee's blog.

To find out the latest results for your area, including in the wards, simply click on the appropriate link below.


Mayor (results from election night):

Alison Davey           7.95%

James Ryan             9.87%

Toby Thomas           8.07%

Bob Pynsent             26.44%

Cordelia Burcham   15.96%

John Harvey              14.05%  

Allan McCudden        5.71%

Ian Olsen                    4.04%

Rachel Main               6.18%

Neil Gorman               1.74%  



Great Lakes

Lake Macquarie

Mayor (results from election night):

Arjay Martin        3.23%

Ken Paxinos       21.64%

Jodie Harrison   33.23%

Jim Sullivan         8.32%

Wendy Harrison  25.77%

Phillipa Parsons  7.81%


Mayor (results from election night):

Loretta Baker       19.10%

Jan Davis              6.12%

Peter Blackmore  54%

Philip Penfold       20.78%    



Latest news: McCloy to be mayor, but numbers in council chambers unclear

Mayor (results from election night):

Nuatali Nelmes       28.47%

Aaron Buman          7.11%

Jacqueline Haines  4.78%

John Sutton              11.89%

Bryan Havenhand    2.69%

Col Peebles             1.70%

Jeff McCloy              43.46%  

Port Stephens

Latest news: Port Stephens' mayoral race down to the wire

Mayor (summary of first preference votes):

Geoff Dingle           34.19%

Bruce MacKenzie  37.48%

Sally Dover              28.33% 


Read about the race for mayor in Singleton.

Mayor (summary of first preference votes):

John Martin               22.44%

Kylie Stibbard           25.26%

Lee Gallagher            4.38%

Sue Moore                 16.24%

Terence O'Brien         5.63%

Fred Harvison             12%

Tony McNamara         14.05%  

Upper Hunter

Read: Watts receives strong support in Upper Hunter 

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