Artefacts stop Laman Street work

NEWCASTLE City Council says artefacts and bones found beneath Laman Street are most likely from the mid-1800s.

The council has halted work to rebuild the former home of the figs, which began earlier this month.

An archeologist and a forensic anthropologist have been called in to assess the cultural significance of the site.

The bones are believed to be the shin bone of a cow, and the artefacts ‘‘are of European origin and circa mid to late 19th century,’’ the council said.

The council said it does not believe the site to be of cultural significance.

‘‘The preliminary opinion of the archaeologist who attended the site is that this material is fill and that the artefacts found are not in their original layers which would indicate that they had been transported to the site,’’ a statement said.

The first stage of work included excavation work down the middle of Laman Street in preparation for the relocation of utilities.

Work will resume shortly, but the council said it would not resume in the area where the artefacts were discovered until a full report has been conducted.

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