LETTER: Alternatives, not taxes

I AM writing in response to federal Member for Charlton Greg Combet's letter about receiving an "egregious" flyer from the Liberal Party which he said made misleading claims about the carbon price ("Doom and gloom wrong yet again", Letters 10/9).

What of Labor's global warming scare mongering that culminated in a big new tax on carbon dioxide?

Is the sky falling on countries that are not taxed in this way? Will the tax specifically hold back rising seas or make any difference to our environment?

I believe that nominating Lake Macquarie City Council as one of the country's largest polluters, simply because it had the foresight to establish a facility to accept residents' rubbish, is a joke. To tax our community for doing the right thing, and using the appropriate means of keeping their homes and our city tidy and healthy, is unbelievable.

Why not disband the whole circus and spend millions of dollars on meaningful research into real energy alternatives or waste-recycling schemes? I have had enough of Labor throwing our money away on failed solar schemes, dodgy cash payments and expensive promotions.

Ken Paxinos


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