TOPICS: Simple scoreboards a sign of the times

AS we draw closer to a grand final we're in the mood to rewind.

There's nothing like a lean season to make you pine for the good old days. Peering through the mists of time, the hits were crunchier, the runs swifter and the rivalries more bitter.

So as our city comes to terms with the fact we'll only see the Good Charlotte half-time show on telly, let's count down to the big day with Seventeen Things That Have Disappeared From League.

Here's our first.

1. The video ref decision board.

In the late '90s, before the tight calls were decided on screens of a billion pixels, they flashed up on something your dad could have banged together from plywood and spit.

The league didn't seem too fussed about where clubs installed them in home grounds.

If we recall correctly, the Marathon Stadium board was perched in a corner, the one at Brookvale seemed to be in the car park and you'd have trouble reading Kogarah's because it was covered in toilet paper.

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