LETTER: Turnbull should do what's right

JUST when my respect for Malcolm Turnbull was approaching a new high - after his challenges about Question Time being "blatant misrepresentations, exaggerations or outright lies" and "deficit of trust" and "exhortations towards greater honesty" - he lets himself down.

Mr Turnbull will vote party-line on gay marriage, even though he speaks publicly in favour of it.

This country needs politicians who have the strength of character to cross the floor when they believe their party's policies are wrong and the integrity to stand up for what's morally and ethically right.

Liberal members and senators courageously did that on immigration policies, and some of the worst legislation was pulled.

I'm greatly saddened by Mr Turnbull's decision on gay marriage.

There's still time.

I hope he changes his mind and votes with integrity.

Judy Bamberger

O'Connor, ACT

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