LETTER: We'll be all trawled out

THE procrastination over the super trawler affair disturbs me ("Bill hits troubled waters" Herald 13/9). Politicians must be aware of the problems associated with this type of operation. There is no method available for ensuring that no dolphins, seals and other marine life can be protected - there are many reports of mammals caught in these nets dying because they could not escape. These massive nets scavenge everything in the ocean in vast quantities. Already fish in many areas are becoming scarce and our own coastal waters still provide viable quantities for home consumption - mainly due to quotas and protected areas. Why ruin that?

A point I am not too clear on is where are these catches to end up? Are they to serve Australian markets or are they being sold overseas? Another question is, who profits by these catches - are they Australians or foreigners?

We have managed without these super trawlers so far. Why ruin it? Open up our territorial waters to one and others will follow - what will we do when our oceans are barren?

Tom Edwards, Wangi Wangi

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