Nurse banned for touching testicles

A NURSE who touched a patient’s testicles while carrying out an unauthorised procedure at Belmont Hospital has had his registration cancelled and is suspended from nursing for five years.

Gregory Pearsall, 44, was previously acquitted in a local court of committing an act of indecency, but the Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal of NSW upheld a complaint against him recently.

The patient, a man in his 40s who cannot be identified, lodged the complaint immediately after the incident in March 2010, the tribunal heard.

 Pearsall sat on the patient’s bed and rubbed his legs and arms before offering to give the patient a massage, the tribunal found. 

He then made a series of inappropriate comments that included a proposition that the two men could date a female chemist simultaneously.

Later that day Pearsall told the patient that a doctor had ordered him to conduct a procedure.

Pearsall asked the patient to pull his pyjama pants down before Pearsall touched the patient’s legs and testicles.

No such direction was given to Pearsall to perform the act, the tribunal heard.

Pearsall resigned in January last year.

As well as being banned from seeking registration as a nurse, Pearsall is also prevented from working for private, public and volunteer services that include midwifery and community health services.

‘‘Because of his gross violation of his responsibility to protect the patient and the other considerations set out above the tribunal cancelled Mr Pearsall’s registration,’’ the judgment said.

‘‘In this matter Mr Pearsall did not at any stage provide any evidence that demonstrated an understanding of his wrong doing or an explanation or mitigation of his conduct.

 ‘‘Consequently, it was not possible for the tribunal to perceive any insight or understanding of his actions on his part.’’

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