LETTER:  Cardinal needs to search his heart

I WANT to ask Cardinal Pell to look into his heart and support the Roman Catholic Property Church Trust Property Amendment Bill proposed by Greens MP David Shoebridge.

This legislation would ensure the Catholic Church can be held accountable for the crimes of its members.

I have in my possession a letter from Anthony Fisher, who wrote to me on July 29, 2008. He says ". . it is our job as a church to bring healing, reconciliation and justice to the victims of past sexual abuse".

Was Cardinal Pell part of the committee that composed that sentence?

He could become one of the great figures of history. Is he able to stand up and say that the organisation he is in charge of in this country has been guilty of sexual abuses against children?

Is he able to admit that church leaders actually allowed such abuse to continue?

Denis Murphy, Clarence Town

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