MAP: Pet owners warned as tick season begins 

THE warm and humid weather has brought out animal dangers earlier than expected this year.

Ticks and snakes are coming out to play and cases of dogs falling prey to the poisonous critters have already been reported.

Dr Lara Viney, veterinarian at Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, said one dog had recently died from a tick bite.

‘‘It’s definitely possible for dogs to die from paralysis tick bites. We’ve already treated a snake bite as well,’’ she said.

‘‘They’re most likely to pick them up in bushy or coastal areas but they can still be found in backyards.’’

Are you in a paralysis tick hotspot? Click through to our interactive map.

Tick paralysis can become fatal within 24 hours and common signs include weakness, change in bark and difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms for snake bites develop more rapidly and need immediate attention.

Dr Viney said treatment for both cases could cost upwards of $1500. He said prevention was the key because treatment was expensive.

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