LETTER: Trail bikes burn Toronto streets

I WISH the boys in blue at Toronto could get out of their station and on to the streets surrounding Blackalls Park to put an end to the activities of the numerous unregistered trail bikes thrashing up and down Todd, Rhodes and many other local streets.

One only has to stand outside the Toronto police station to determine where these hoons are – they can be quite clearly heard burning rubber on any weekend and after school through the week.

On one occasion, when refuelling my vehicle at the Shell service station opposite the police, two rainbow-clad empty vessels rode their unregistered bikes past the station’s front door. Talk about arrogance.

Once in a blue moon, the local papers publish reports of campaigns by the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie police to wipe out these menaces to public safety – but the end result is that nothing eventuates.

Maybe now, meaningful action will be taken to rid the district of these hooligans before someone here is maimed or killed.

Trevor Fuller, Blackalls Park

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