Great time to go fishing in Lake Macquarie

THERE’S a saying that the fishing is always better on the other side of the lake.

If you’re in west Lake Macquarie that may be true because fishers are reporting a bounty of fish in Swansea Channel to coincide with the start of the fishing season.

With the Earth having reached the equinox, the tides are changing, the water is warming and the fish are becoming more plentiful.

Jewells fisherman Josh Coghlan said whiting were ‘‘massive in Swansea Channel, if you know where to look’’.

‘‘They’re as thick as your forearm, up to 40 centimetres long,’’ Mr Coghlan said.

Jason Nunn, who owns Fishermans Warehouse at Marks Point, said bream were gathering in the channel and readying themselves to take advantage of the season’s first prawn run, which was due on October 9.

‘‘I saw a school of 50 or 60 bream moving through the sand in the channel the other day,’’ Mr Nunn said.

He said the prawn run involved purple-tail king prawns ‘‘running out to sea’’ as part of their breeding pattern.

‘‘They spend their juvenile life in the lake, then they run out to the ocean and get bigger,’’ he said.

Newcastle Herald fishing writer Simon Walker said Swansea Channel was ‘‘a highway for all the fish that come in and out of the lake’’.

Mr Walker said fishers were looking forward to the new season, with cooler weather ending.

‘‘The temperatures rise when we hit the equinox and the days are longer,’’ Mr Walker said.

‘‘Things liven up a bit when the water temperature goes up.’’

Mr Walker said the game fishing season would begin soon off the coast.

‘‘Tournaments are held to try to coincide with the migration of fish,’’ he said.

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