LETTER: Short memory, but the shoe fits

THERE has always been a gentlemen's agreement among politicians that you can attack the person but not their family.

Though Alan Jones is not a politician, he is a big supporter of the Liberal Party's philosophies.

David McTaggart (Short takes 8/10) noted that Alan Jones's remarks were obnoxious, and most of us accept that to be true.

As for personal attacks on Tony Abbott, have we forgotten the personal attacks on Ms Gillard?

They criticised her endlessly: she has a big derriere; she lacks taste in what she wears.

She was criticised for the colour, style and cut of her hair, the way she speaks, the fact that she is not married and doesn't have children, as well as being criticised for being an atheist and belonging to the Fabian Society - and much more personal criticism.

Tony Abbott complains that criticism of him is dragging up old history - but let's not forget that the Liberals tried to drag up dirt when they were attacking Julia Gillard about her time before politics when she was a lawyer.

Yes, Mr Abbott, it may be history, but the shoe fits.

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