Alcohol warning from judge

A MAGISTRATE has used the sentencing of ‘‘another young man’’ who bashed a stranger during a drunken late-night exchange to again warn others about the ramifications of out-of-control boozy nights.

The young man, who has already paid more than $3000 compensation after knocking out a tooth with a punch, will have to perform 250 hours of community service after admitting to the assault outside a Newcastle licensed premises.

Magistrate Ian Cheetham said the man was behaving in an antagonistic way before punching the victim about 2.30am.

‘‘It is another example of where a young person consumes too much alcohol and all of a sudden there is increased bravado and aggression,’’ Mr Cheetham told Newcastle Local Court.

‘‘... people want to be able to go out late at night, enjoy their night and not be the subject to violence.’’

Mr Cheetham said it was another example of a drunken young man trying to exert his presence over another person ‘‘for no real reason’’.

The courts have become increasingly critical of people coming before them on assault charges stemming from incidents involving parties who had no previous knowledge of each other.

‘‘If you are a violent person, you need to take control of your life before a person in my position says it’s time for you to go to jail,’’ Mr Cheetham told the man.

‘‘The community will not tolerate it.’’

The court had heard the man was of previous good character and was embarrassed by his behaviour.

Mr Cheetham formally sentenced the man to perform 250 hours of community service and acknowledged that he had paid the victim compensation for injuries received.

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