LETTER: Pollution death by 1000 cuts

FIGURES in regard to the massive increases in toxic airborne pollution ("Toxic shock" Herald 8/12) are an indictment on past and present politicians, the Environment Protection Authority and industry management.

These people affect the lives of the citizens of Newcastle in a way that can never be totally quantified for the health of all those under the fallout zones.

But, as always, the spin doctors have an excuse to allow them to continue the poisoning of our environment.

I don't believe companies would get away with this level of pollution in Europe - so why here?

World's best-practice technology should be retro-fitted to the Kooragang industries and no exemptions given.

The effects of polluting industries have to be assessed as a whole, not as individual projects, as they are at present.

Given the amount of discussion on the danger to Newcastle from a catastrophic explosion at the Orica plant and the damage it could cause, how can the proposed Incitec plant be looked at in isolation? It flies in the face of the most basic commonsense.

Any pressure applied to regulators by the proponents of industries and new projects should be stone-walled and politicians given photo opportunities elsewhere.

It is high time the population of Newcastle was given the basic right to clean air and an unpolluted city and for their elected representatives to stand up to the polluters.

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