LETTER: If you travel, it's on your own head

WELL said, Sue Simmonds ("Compo plea unjustified" Letters 5/10), in questioning the approach by Paul Anicich to Tony Abbott ("Bombings compo call" Herald 3/10) to extend the woeful decision by the federal government to pay compensation to Australian victims of overseas terrorist attacks.

Ms Simmonds's letter was supported by Karen Chandler (SMS 8/10). I have to add, ladies, that I too "couldn't agree more".

Whether they are holidaymakers, business people, public servants, politicians or whatever, if people cannot cover themselves with insurance for such a risk, they should stay where it is safe - at home - or seek compensation from the terrorists or the country in which the act occurs.

Australian taxpayers should not have to foot the bill, if any, for events that happen during people's overseas travel.

The idea was clearly rebuffed in the Herald poll results on Monday, giving the thumbs down to Bali by 73 per cent to 27 per cent.

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