VIDEO: Phil Frawley, world's oldest active fighter pilot

NOT many people in the Hunter would be able to say they know someone in the Guinness World Records, let alone boast they are actually in the world-famous book.

Yet for Williamtown RAAF squadron leader Phil Frawley it is a reality he is still wrapping his head around.

The 60-year-old  received official recognition for being the ‘‘oldest active fighter pilot’’ in the world yesterday.

‘‘I applied for it tongue-in-cheek,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s very strange because it just sort of happened. I didn’t aim for it, I was just doing what I loved.’’

Despite most people his age moving on from flying  into an office job, Mr Frawley always knew he wanted to stay in the air.

‘‘I pretty much love flying and really love instructing,’’ he said.

‘‘I realised early on in my career that I wasn’t cut out for administration or higher duties, it just wasn’t me. So I planned to continue flying for as long as possible.’’

Mr Frawley said it was hard work staying in shape, but the Merewether man is a keen surfer and keeps himself active.

He said he wanted to show that people his age could still complete complex tasks.

‘‘Though one friend said the only reason I got it was because my wife wouldn’t let me retire,’’ he said.

Mr Frawley turns 61 next March but joked that he would ‘‘fly as long as I can to make it harder for the next guy’’.

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