TOPICS: Man crush on Bernardo Ribeiro


DON’T judge us, but we might have a man crush on Bernardo Ribeiro.

The seeds for the crush were sown when he came on for the Jets in the 64th minute of their win over Sydney FC on Saturday.

The Brazilian took the field with a wink, and a thumbs-up. A promo team working for a year couldn’t have come up with a better advertisement for Newcastle. The man has swagger.

Soon after Bernardo came on, the Sydney defender Fabio collapsed in agony with what looked like a cramp. 

The Jets rookie was at the stricken man’s side like Florence Nightingale, pushing back his toes and helping him stretch. Then he helped him to his feet. 

Gee, thought  Italians who’d tuned in for some Del Piero with their  brioche. Newcastle must be a stronghold of sportsmanship. Er, yes, let’s go with that.

By this point, Bernardo had acquired the title deed to our heart. He signed on the dotted line when, with 12 minutes left of regular time and the Jets up by a goal, he cleared a shot by FC’s Krunoslav Lovrek off the line. 

So if you’re reading this, Bernie (Can we call you Bernie? No? That’s cool), we should catch up sometime. Imagine you and Topics, a couple of young tyros out on the town. 

No pressure.  Any time. 

Sage driving advice

  WE haven’t met many Bazzas we haven’t liked, and Topics reader Bazza is no exception.

This Bazza has been enjoying the notices outside St John’s Anglican Church in Cooks Hill – ‘‘OMG’’ and ‘‘Follow Jesus, and we don’t mean on Twitter’’ among them.

He’s also shared some advice from the noticeboard outside the Uniting Church at Forster.

‘‘Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving if you want to meet him.’’

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