LETTER: Slow passengers hold up the buses

BUS passengers often complain about the late arrival of buses.

I have been a bus traveller for some time and because of some physical difficulty I try to sit on the seat just inside the door, so I hear what transpires between passengers and the driver.

I believe that most of the delay problems are caused by the passengers themselves.

First, they often don't know the route the bus travels and second, they do not have the correct fare.

The first causes the driver to have to explain the correct route they want and wastes time.

This week a woman asked if the bus I was on went to The Junction. The very patient driver actually wrote on the back of an unused ticket the proper routes available - much to my annoyance, as I was in a hurry.

Clear brochures are available showing where all buses go and perhaps should be available on all buses. They are available wherever timetables are provided.

Bruce Dickson, Newcastle East

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