Double pollution trouble

WE in Newcastle hear much optimistic talk about the promising cruise industry. We hear that Newcastle is poised for renewal with Premier Barry O'Farrell having committed $350 million to the Hunter Infrastructure and Development Fund. We hear that Newcastle is successfully diversifying, moving to become cleaner and greener. Last year Newcastle made Lonely Planet's list as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit.

It seems incomprehensible, then, that a proposal has been put forward by chemical company Incitec to build a second ammonium nitrate plant on Kooragang Island. The pollution from Orica's existing ammonium nitrate plant causes our city enough problems.

Two ammonium nitrate plants on an island in the middle of our city would not be responsible planning. There would be severe adverse effects on the environment and on the health of surrounding communities. The burgeoning tourist industry would not be helped if pollution and the potential for dangerous incidents were to virtually double.

Louise Craig


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