Boy, 15, was afraid of dying

Caves Beach

Caves Beach

A teenage boy has described holding his bleeding cousin in his arms and promising him he wouldn’t die, after the 15-year-old from Windale was stabbed in the abdomen at Caves Beach on Saturday night. 

The boy, who asked not to be named, said his cousin did not know his assailant before the pair got into an argument at the party at Spoon Rocks beach at about 9.45pm. 

“This kid pulled a knife out of his pocket and put it in his right hand and my cousin said ‘I’m not scared of no knife’,” the boy, also 15, told the Newcastle Herald. 

He ran over to intervene when he saw his cousin then get “stabbed” and “kicked over a fire pit”. 

As the offender and a number of other party-goers fled the area, the boy said he tore off his shirt and wrapped it around the victim’s waist to stop the bleeding. 

“He was saying ‘I love you’,” he said. 

“He said ‘Am I dying?’ I said ‘No, you’re not, you’re in my hands, you’re all good’.”

The boy then picked up his cousin up and carried him along an alleyway towards some nearby homes to seek help.

“Something just kicked in,” he said. 

No one was home at the first house, and at the second house the owner appeared at a window but refused to let the pair inside. 

“My cousin was crying and I said ‘Please let me inside, he’s going to die,” he said. 

“They were just standing there. I said ‘F--- this’.”   

By the time they arrived at a third house where the owner let them inside and raised the alarm, his cousin was vomiting up “litres” of blood. 

“I was sitting there, I just had tears running down my eyes,” he said. 

The victim was rushed to John Hunter Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

He was in a serious but stable condition on Sunday and is understood to have spoken to family and friends. 

Both boys are students at the same high school and were invited to the party over Facebook. 

Lake Macquarie police established a crime scene and seized several items for forensic analysis but had not charged anyone over the incident on Sunday evening. 

The mother of the boy that went to his cousin’s aid said she had been shocked by what had unfolded and she would not be letting him attend any more parties. 

“We’re still shaken up over it,” she said. “They can stay at home and party but they will not be going out.”

She said the victim was a “good kid” but got into arguments “like any normal” teenager would. 

She was proud of how her son thought to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and went to get help for his cousin. 

“The doctor said if my son wasn’t there, he would have bled out and died,” she said. 

“He saved his life.” 

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