Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, September 19, 2016

I can't handle it anymore. Can we please stop referring to these terrorists as Muslims? All Muslims I have had dealings with, not many, but they are always smiling happy courteous human beings. The extremists under the cloaks of Muslim-ism are just terrorists.

Darryl Horne, Waratah 

I AGREE with Les Field (Letters, 17/9) about Pauline Hanson. She doesn't seem to realise that Muslim is a religion – not a race. Is this all she is going to hammer on about in parliament or will she be able to speak on all subjects raised without mentioning Muslims?

Joy Boots, Cardiff South

“YE who have tears to shed prepare to shed them now”. The invasion of Iraq was state-sponsored terrorism. When a country invades another, such as Iraq, based on American lies, the result is terrorism. For the record, Iraq posed no threat to Australia. In the aftermath of the invasion, Iraq is now a terrorist state, thanks to the warmongers.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

I AM puzzled by the poster in the photo on the front page of Thursday's Herald. It is for "Tooheys Old Dark Ale". Is that what us dyed-in-the-wool Novocastrians call "Black", as in, "a schooner of black thanks mate".

Bruce Brown, Marks Point

IF i was PM i I would not put federal money towards terminal as the state government privatised the sale of the port with 99-year lease. Private port holders should pay. Another greed for money from the Baird government for Sydney/elsewhere.

Evelynn Campbell, Thornton 

WHY is it that the gay society and their relevant MPs are so against a plebiscite and in favour of a private members vote? They have done a survey and say that over 50 per cent of Australians are in favour of gay marriage. I think that they should welcome a plebiscite with these figures. Maybe this figure is flawed and they are terrified of a no vote being successful and are using all tools available for a MP private vote to gain a win. Eventually nature will sort it all out as it has done for millenniums.

Ken Godwin, Valentine

SEEING that Premier Daniel Andrews is doing the right thing for Victoria (Letters, 16/9), I wonder if we could do a swap and give them Mike Baird?

Daphne Hughes, Kahiba


ARE Novocastrians more violent than Sydney-siders?

Yes 16%, No 32%, They're both as violent as each other 33%, Neither are violent, it's a reflection of the nanny stat 19%

DOES Newcastle need a revitalised cruise ship terminal to attract tourists?

Yes 92%, No 8%

Who should be the next Newcastle Jets coach?

Teddy Sheringham 44%, Clayton Zane 17%, Mark Jones 15%, Jimmy Gilligan 6%, Darren Stewart 5%, Other 14%

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