Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

AS an able-bodied person I am absolutely appalled at the so called telecasts of the 2016 Paralympics. For the life of me I cannot understand why these much talented people are not afforded the same exposure as the recent Olympics. Something is seriously wrong here.

Andrew Levido, Raymond Terrace

THANKFULLY the potential disparity in ‘informal’ voting rates that I noted last week (Short Takes, 16/9) was actually resolved in the final computerised counts released on Friday – with the Cessnock mayoral election having a 4.4 per cent informal rate (1412/32,097), compared with 6.23 per cent (2000/32,089) for the councillor elections (4 Wards) – almost half the rate reported earlier in the week. Perhaps voter turnout is a bigger, longer-term concern, with an estimated turnout rate in Cessnock of only 80.2 per cent (32,089/40,000), compared with 92-94 per cent for the relevant local seats in the recent federal election.

Terry Lewin, Black Hill

REGARDING a letter from Darryl Tuckwell (Short Takes, 17/9) suggesting how migrants who tried to change "our" culture should be dealt with. Is Darryl Tuckwell Aboriginal? If not, I wonder which culture he refers to as "ours".

Nev Williams, Wallsend

THE Australian beer industry has certainly come a long way in the few short years since Tony Troughear’s beer reviews in this paper first promoted the idea that drinking beer for quality and taste rather than to get a skinful was the way to go. We now have an industry that ranks alongside Belgium as the world’s best.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

NOW that Newcastle Buses is being handed over to private enterprise, there is no way the light rail will happen. Got to guarantee maximum income from bus fares. 

Peter Grant, Speers Point

GIVEN that Pauline Hanson continues to recycle 20-year-old speeches, does she now qualify as an environmentalist?

Ian De Landelles, Murrays Beach

THE Bogey hole was "made" in approximately 1820 so it's been there a while. Suddenly because of a tragic death, we have to be protected from ourselves by a dismal failure of an upgrade to stairs platform etc. If your safety at the Bogey Hole is a concern the don’t swim there. Can we just have it returned to original form please?

Doug Ross, New Lambton

BRAVO, Richard Ryan (Short Takes, 19/9). I think George Bush and his cronies, Blair and Howard, created Isis.

Daryl Frost, Eleebana

I TOO saw the photo Bruce (Short Takes, 19/9) and I will always call it black, and my drinking hole, the Swansea Hotel, has the best black in Newcastle. 

Gary Bruce, Swansea


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