Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, September 21, 2016

IN response to Mike Sargent regarding American wars (Letters, 20/9): I took the figure of "over 200 wars" from the Sydney Morning Herald written by the international editor, Peter Hartcher, that, "America is a country very comfortable with war. The US Congressional Research Centre shows that in 234 years since the Declaration of Independence the US has invaded countries on no fewer than 200 occasions.” I rest my case.

Peter Barrack, New Lambton 

REGARDING Ray Davidson on the Liberal attitude to Newcastle (Letters, 19/9): I could not put it any better. Spot On.

Colin Atkins, Wyong

REGARDING accidental air strikes by US and Australian planes on Syrian forces. What are we doing there, anyway?

Daryl Frost, Eleebana

THE problem with the same-sex marriage pleb or whatever you call it is it's a no win situation. It will just be like the vote on the republic, it proved nothing because the excuse was "it wasn't worded right".

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

IS there a reason why nobody protested about the removal of the trees in Mayfield? Is it because it's in Mayfield and not in Newcastle or in Merewether? As I have been saying for years, if you live in Mayfield or Beresfield you are forgotten until they want your vote. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

IN support of Pauline Hanson: it would be interesting to know how many non-Australian born inmates are in our full jail system?

Dave Fletcher, Wallsend

KURT Fearnley, what a legend.

Ryan Gifford, Merewether

ON Monday night, Four Corners showed another of its "let's-go-soft-on-criminals" programs. Ironically, and fortunately for some of us, there was an alternative. One of the Pay-TV channels was showing the classic anti-crime movie, Dirty Harry at the same time.

Bruce Brown, Marks Point

FOLLOWING the Census stuff up Malcolm Turnbull promised heads would roll. Does anyone know if this has happened and if so which ones?

Ian King, Warners Bay

NOW the fencing is removed from the bowling club site, will it be used as a parking lot? Newcastle has all up and coming buildings but not enough suitable parking. 

Donna Norris, Glendale


DO you know someone who would benefit from cannabis-derived medicine?

Yes 75%, No 25%

ARE your children competent swimmers?

Yes 76.9%, No 23.1%

SHOULD councillor John Gilbert have disclosed his views before the poll?

Yes 76.2%, No 23.8%

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