The Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week features, after the credits, a remastered concert at Shea Stadium in New York in 1965

Beatlemania: The Beatles in Washington DC in February 1964.

Beatlemania: The Beatles in Washington DC in February 1964.

Journalists by nature like to share important information. Which is why Newcastle Herald scribe Ian Kirkwood felt a duty to share a crucial piece of information about the new Beatles documentary, Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years.

The movie covers the brief period between 1962 and 1966, when the Beatles stopped touring. They played one more live show, in 1969, on the top of the Apple (records, not computers) building in London, which also features in the film.

Kirky says it's a great rock movie, with a catch: “Do not leave when the credits roll”.

"Without any warning and after about five minutes of credits, up comes writing to say that they would now show 30 minutes of footage from one of the concerts that we'd seen bits and pieces of in the film,” Kirky said.

It was at Shea Stadium in New York in 1965.

The cinema had not been that full to begin with, but most of the audience had left by the time the message came up.

“It was amazing footage," Kirky said, wondering why directors do such things.

While short extras and bloopers are common after credits, a half-hour film is pretty extraordinary.

Guess director Ron Howard thought he’d mix things up by doing something a little bit out of the box. Gotta keep life exciting and interesting somehow, hey?

Electric Dreams

Slava Kozlovski finds this Tesla electric car to be quite roomy.

Slava Kozlovski finds this Tesla electric car to be quite roomy.

Topics reported yesterday about The Wests Group joining forces with Tesla, the electric car company.

Wests will provide areas to recharge electric vehicles at its hotels, The Executive Inn at New Lambton and The Gateway Inn at Mayfield.

Reader Fran said: “Thought you might be interested to know there are seven or eight electric-car recharge stations outside the visitor centre at Goulburn.

“There was not one car attached when we were there a couple of months ago, but the employee in the centre assured me that they were used.

“It is still hard to imagine seven cars recharging at any given time.”

Electric cars may not be prolific yet, given they’re pretty pricey.

But down the track, Topics can see them being everywhere. That is, unless someone turns science fiction into reality and invents flying cars.

Every Sperm is Sacred

Speaking of science fiction, Topics was interested to read on Monday that storing mobile phones in pockets for extended periods could have a negative effect on sperm.

Researchers from the University of Newcastle had drawn a link between mobile phone radiation and sperm mobility.

We reckon this could be used for a cracking science fiction story in which mobile phones wipe out the human race.

We might throw in a storyline about cloning being used to keep humanity going. Or perhaps a plotline in which women create babies without men.

We might even create a story in which a virgin mother gives birth to a messiah. Although this may have been done before.

Lastly, let us just point out that every sperm is sacred and every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate. Monty Python fans will know what we mean.

The Meaning of Life scene with the song Every Sperm is Sacred.

The Meaning of Life scene with the song Every Sperm is Sacred.

Pizza and Beer

A pizza camp for adults was held at the weekend in the woods near Minneapolis. Campers were given a pizza T-shirt, a mega pizza dinner, delivery pizza, pizza snacks and they could make their own pizza.

A band played songs only about pizza. There was also free beer. D’you reckon this would work in the Hunter? 

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