Magistrate annoyed at Braidon Kirk Latimer case delays

Braidon Kirk Latimer.

Braidon Kirk Latimer.

A FRUSTRATED magistrate has been forced to again delay sentencing a man who supplied a Toronto High School student with four cannabis-laced banana muffins.

Braidon Kirk Latimer, 19, appeared in Toronto Local Court on Tuesday for sentencing after he pleaded guilty in August to one count of supplying a prohibited drug. But Magistrate Allan Railton refused to deal with Latimer until he was provided with crucial details about how sick two of the girls who ate the muffins became and how long they spent in hospital.

According to court documents, Latimer told police the girl didn’t have much for lunch on May 23 this year, so he walked to the school, met her at the back fence and gave her a container with two of the muffins. Latimer was contacted again that same afternoon by the girl, who asked for another batch of the muffins.

He returned to the school with two more muffins and passed them through the school fence near Stony Creek. This time, the girl shared the muffins among three of her friends, causing two of the girls to require urgent medical attention and hospitalisation after they had an adverse reaction to the drug. Julie Fleming, who represented Latimer on Tuesday, told the court her client had spoken with the MERIT (Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment) team and asked the matter be adjourned to Liverpool Local Court.

But Mr Railton, who had adjourned the matter on September 13 so medical reports for two of the girls could be provided, disagreed. 

“It says they were both hospitalised, which may put this matter way beyond going down that path,” he said. “I asked on the last occasion for that information and it's not going anywhere until I get it.”  

When told by the police prosecutor that it appeared the two victims had been uncooperative with police, Mr Railton replied: “Well then subpoena the material. I've got to have some information. There must have been statements that they gave to police that led to this matter coming to notice, surely.

“I want to know how sick they were and how long they were in hospital.”

The matter was adjourned for sentence to October 11. 

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