SummitCare Wallsend murder trial: Garry Steven Davis regrets sending text messages

Garry Steven Davis.

Garry Steven Davis.

WHOEVER injected three SummitCare Wallsend residents with lethal doses of insulin may have had a grudge against the staff in Mountview ward, Newcastle Supreme Court has heard. 

That was one of the few possible scenarios aged-care nurse and accused double murderer Garry Steven Davis could come up with during a police interview in 2014. 

The court was played sections of Mr Davis’s lengthy interviews on Wednesday, in which he denied being responsible for injecting the residents, but couldn’t nominate anyone else he worked with who would have done it.

He also lamented having sent text messages predicting which residents would die next, saying it was common practice in nursing but his predictions had “got me in a lot of trouble”. 

Mr Davis was the team leader in Mountview ward on October 18 and 19, 2013, when Gwen Fowler, 83, and Ryan Kelly, 80, who were both non-insulin dependent diabetics, were injected with large doses of insulin.

The pair were taken to hospital suffering from hypoglycemia and hypothermia and later died. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and also denied the attempted murder of Ms Manuel, who managed to survive a similar attack on October 19, but was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia and hypoglycemia. 

After four-weeks of evidence, during which the prosecution attempted to eliminate all others at SummitCare on those two days except Mr Davis, Crown prosecutor Lee Carr closed the prosecution’s case on Wednesday. 

Defence barrister, Christopher Watson, had previously indicated his client would not be giving evidence. 

“Is there any other evidence in the defence case,” Justice Robert Allan Hulme asked.

“No there isn’t Your Honour, he will be relying on the evidence given in the trial so far.”

Mr Carr and Mr Watson will deliver their closing addresses on Thursday and then Justice Hulme will retire to decide the fate of Mr Davis, who faces the possibility of life in jail if convicted. 

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