Cooee competition at Stockton RSL country music event

Cooee Champion: Bob Skelton will judge a cooee competition at Stockton on Sunday.

Cooee Champion: Bob Skelton will judge a cooee competition at Stockton on Sunday.

Cooee, cooee!

Now that we have your attention, we’d like you to know that a cooee competition will be held at Stockton RSL on Sunday.

The competition is part of a country music event. Cooees and country music go hand-in-hand, we reckon.

Bush poet Bob Skelton, known as The Minmi Magster, will judge the competition.

“You don’t only judge on loudness. It’s how it carries,” the Magster said.

The Magster laid claim to being the “cooee champion of the Hunter Valley”.

He says he won the title about 20 years ago at Toronto.

“I decided it’s time to pass it on,” he said, adding the trophy he won in Toronto will be presented to the winner.

The Magster will call for contenders at the event.

“If we get too many, we’ll draw their names out of a hat,” he said.

Country music singer Jason Carruthers will sing tributes to the likes of Slim Dusty, Chad Morgan, Tex Morton and Buddy Williams.

“He has a great repertoire of old-time bush ballads,” the Magster said.

The Magster will also recite some of his top-notch bush poetry.

The event starts at 1pm. Entry is $10.

Bite the Dust

The dust storm along Newcastle foreshore in September 2009. Picture: Kitty Hill.

The dust storm along Newcastle foreshore in September 2009. Picture: Kitty Hill.

It’s been seven years since the dust storm hit town.

Topics remembers it well. We opened the blinds that morning. We thought it was the apocalypse.

The Newcastle Herald posted a yarn on Facebook on Thursday, reflecting on the storm.

Here’s some of the comments: Brenda George: “We lived at West Wallsend at the time. My children came running in to wake me up, saying something is wrong, the sky is orange. It was bizarre”.

Wendall Wilhelmus: “I thought it was the Sharks opening their trophy cabinet... joking. Up Cronulla.”

Corina Lye: “My then 4-year-old thought the dinosaurs were coming.”

Rebekah Lolait: “Waking up in Sydney on holidays and looking out the motel window... My thoughts were "Wow... the sky... is the world ending?"

Pot of Gold

Topics often has its eye on creative marketing ideas.

The latest effort from Johnson Property Group grabbed our attention.

Developer Keith Johnson is known for thinking big.

He’s already signed Jennifer Hawkins and Michael Clarke as brand ambassadors for the Trinity Point marina project at Morisset Park.

Now he’s planning a “gold-themed event” on October 9.

Land in the project’s fifth and sixth stages will go on sale on the day.

On offer will be 55 lots, starting from $398,888.

The twist is, buyers will get “a 500-gram gold-bullion bar valued at $28,888”.

“Buyers have until 11.58pm on October 9 to secure their pot of gold,” Keith said.

Geez, there’s a lot of eights in there, Keith. Topics readers might recall that Keith thinks eight is a lucky number.

“Eight is the infinity number – it never ends,” he said earlier this year.

The Balance of Power

Topics wrote this week about the Wests Group joining forces with Tesla, the electric car company.

Wests will provide areas to recharge electric vehicles at its hotels, The Executive Inn at New Lambton and The Gateway Inn at Mayfield.

Then we heard about Hunter residents on Thursday joining a national protest against AGL Energy, demanding the company provide a clear timeline on how it can transition from fossil fuels to 100 per cent renewables by 2025.

“AGL owns three of the filthiest coal-fired power stations in the country, and two of these –  Liddell and Bayswater – are in the Hunter,” resident Nicola Bowskill said.

This got us thinking. Electric cars still need coal-fired power to recharge, don’t they? 

Guess we’ll have to wait for the renewable revolution to truly take over before cars are completely clean.


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