Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, September 23, 2016

CHARLESTOWN fire station officers attended my home recently and replaced the batteries in my smoke detector, as well as providing safety advice to me, which was greatly appreciated by me being an elderly pensioner. I felt very impressed by their professional and friendly manner and considered myself very fortunate to have such diligent people serving our community. I wish to thank them so much for their kindness. 

Beryl Fenning, Charlestown 

I RECENTLY went into the Vinnies op shop on Beaumont Street, Hamilton. The kindness of the two women working in there goes to show there are still compassionate and caring human beings in our society. Thank you so much. I like to give credit where credit is due, to these volunteers who give of their services and expect nothing back in return. Bless you ladies. Thank you.

Anne Edwards, Mayfield East

SORRY Peter, your article did not say invasions, it said wars (Letters, 17/9). By the way, just because a journalist writes something it doesn't mean that they are correct.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace

THANKS for your letter Joan Lambert (Letters, 22/9) saying the Greens are the best educated party in Australia. Haven't laughed that hard in years.

Glenn Simpson, Minmi

I’M not sure about a stand in Hunter Stadium named for Kurt Fearnly, Dave McTaggart (Short Takes, 22/9). Typically you would play a sport at a venue before having a stand named after you. I would however like to see Fernleigh Track changed to Fearnly Track. He is usually along there somewhere.

Andrew Lauder, Lakelands

IT’S great to see our NSW Police Force resources actively being used for the entrapment of jaywalkers in the Newcastle CBD. Obviously serious crime levels in the city and surrounding suburbs have dropped to such a level that the state government has no choice but to have officers targeting people for catching some fresh air.

Richard Hogan, Charlestown

IT is great news that the Bogey Hole will be open by January but I have concerns about how the cliff facing the Bogey Hole will be stabilised. Rock ledges are sometimes 'fixed' by being covered in concrete and I would hope that it is not going to be the solution to the historic Bogey Hole. There must be some from of stabilising that does not mar the ambiance. 

Jude Conway, Tighes Hill

PAULINE Hanson should have used "controlled by Asians" rather than "swamped". Our manufacturing industries, our mineral resources and our economy are now controlled by East Asia. Also "infiltrated by radical Islamic extremists" rather than "swamped by Muslims", as the majority of Muslims are peaceful.

John Ferris, Muswellbrook


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