Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, September 24, 2016

SORRY Maree Raftos (Short Takes, 22/9) for my error. No, not Watt Street – as you said should have been Scott Street.

Colin Atkins, Wyong

OH come on Ron Elphick (Letters, 22/9). Any long time follower of (extreme) right wing politics knows that at all maiden speeches one has their families, supporters, staffers and anyone else they can grab, in the public gallery. This applies to their valedictory speeches as well, and I hope Pauline's is not too far in the distant future.

Bob McGuire, West Wallsend

REGARDING the comment on the civil war in Syria (Short Takes, 22/9): Fact 1 is that the Russians are aiding the president. Fact 2 is that the Americans are aiding the rebels.

A. McDonald, Wallsend

I'M sick and tired of people saying give Pauline Hanson a fair go. She uses politics to have her racist rants. I don't want her to get a fair go, I just want her to go, period. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

BAIRD government: please protect the thoroughbred industry in the Hunter Valley from the mining Invasion. Please.

Eric Tang, Millers Point

IT’S so nice of PM Turnbull to agree to take refugees, my thing is has he ever thought about our own homeless? I have never heard him mention these. Are they just swept under the rug to make it look like we don't have problems here? Pull your head out of the clouds Turnbull and help those here first. We have too many deaths by suicide because no one cared to help or couldn't help because of insufficient funding from the government for our own homeless people. 

Donna Norris, Glendale

Mike Sargent takes Peter Barrack to task (Short Takes, 23/9) for relying on the figures of a nationally-respected journalist who he names and who names his sources. While Mike expects us to accept his opposing figures, he provides no provenance for his own in spite of two opportunities to do so. By the way, just because a non impartial opinion writer writes something doesn't make that true either.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

IN relation to Michael McGowan’s opinion item (‘Has the Baird government lost Newcastle in translation?’, Herald, 23/9) concerning the footbridge linking Queens Wharf to Hunter Street being redundant, I totally disagree. I have commented in the Letters to the Editor previously. My question is if people were still using it, how could the statement be made that it is redundant?

John Geyer, Fennell Bay


DID you get the Springsteen tickets you wanted?

Yes 34.2%, No 65.9%

DO you like the new Jets kits?

Yes 78.1%, No 21.9%

WHO will reach the NRL grand final?

North Queensland Cowboys 29.1%, Melbourne Storm 27.6%, Canberra Raiders 21.7%, Cronulla Sharks 21.6%

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