LETTER: Drayton South long in planning

THE report "The last stand" (Herald 13/10) stated that Drayton South mine was proposed in 2011.

In fact we have been engaging with stakeholders regarding the present mine plan since 2009.

Mining has been considered for this location for more than seven decades, with exploration and drilling beginning in the 1940s. The present exploration licence was issued in 1998.

The map included with the article indicated the Hunter River runs through the Drayton South exploration licence area, which is not the case.

Drayton South will not add to the cumulative impacts of mining, as it simply replaces the long-serving Drayton mine, which has operated in the district since 1983.

Our intention to develop this resource should be no surprise, given the long history of exploration and proposed development. Drayton South will ensure the continued employment of local people and will contribute more than $70 million a year to local businesses.

Rick Fairhurst

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