Andrew Nikolic set to earn $300k in new role at Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Former Bass MP Andrew Nikolic
Former Bass MP Andrew Nikolic

Former Liberal Bass MP Andrew Nikolic has been appointed as a full-time senior member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with a pay packet of at least $220,000 for base salary and $304,000 for the total remuneration package.

He was one of 17 new members appointed by Australia’s Attorney-General George Brandis to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, which reviews administrative decisions made under Commonwealth laws.

This includes reviewing decisions made by Australian government ministers, departments and agencies.

The most common types of decisions the members review relate to child support, Commonwealth workers’ compensation, family assistance, paid parental leave, social security and student assistance, migration and refugee visas, taxation and veterans' entitlements.

The tribunal reviews a decision on the merits, by taking a fresh look at the facts, law and policy relating to the decision and arrives at its own decision.

Mr Nikolic will commence his role on January 16, 2017 and has been appointed for a seven year term.

Before being elected to represent Tasmania in 2013, Mr Nikolic held a number of senior public official positions including working as the First Assistant Secretary with the Department of Defence from 2006. 

He began his military career with the Australian Army in 1979 and served as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of Australian Forces Middle East in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2002 and as Australian National Commander in Southern Iraq in 2005.

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