Save Our Figs will fight on

Save Our Figs protesters are disheartened, but determined that while the Laman Street trees still stand they will ‘‘keep fighting the good fight’’.

A small group of protesters met on the corner of Darby Street and Laman Street yesterday afternoon to rally around and offer support after a climactic few days.

Save Our Figs spokeswoman Caity Raschke said the group didn’t have any definitive plans of action in store, but were as dedicated as ever to see the trees remain.

‘‘We’re not giving up yet,’’ she said. ‘‘We’re going to maintain the rage.’’

Emotions ran high in Newcastle City Hall on Thursday night after the council voted to reject an offer from the state government to fund an independent assessment.

Police are investigating an allegation that 77-year-old Margaret Henry was pushed to the floor by Newcastle City councillor Mike King after the debate.

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