Elvis the croc wins lawnmower battle

ELVIS the crocodile came out on top in a battle over a Victa lawnmower at the Australian Reptile Park yesterday that all started with some routine maintenance of his enclosure.

While the five-metre saltwater beast lost two of his large teeth in the struggle, the lawnmower will probably never work again.

See footage of Elvis and the lawnmower by clicking below.


Video courtesy of the Australian Reptile Park.

Elvis decided one of two reptile keepers and his lawnmower got too close when he attacked about 9am. Maybe the calamitous croc was trying to be amorous.

Water churned as the reptile leapt from his pool and grabbed the mower before dragging it into the shallows where he guarded it, like a jealous lover, for two hours.

The romantic wrestle with the blades cost Elvis two teeth.

The second part of the episode was filmed on a mobile phone belonging to the second keeper.

Reptile Park marketing manager Libby Bain dismissed suggestions it was a media stunt.

A crocodile comes out of the water ‘‘real quick’’ but goes back into the water very slowly, Ms Bain said, giving the second keeper time to take footage.

‘‘Once they have their prey or whatever it is they’re attacking, they move quite slowly, because he’s got what he wanted.’’

To see more pictures of Elvis and his keepers, click on the image below.

Elvis is a crocodile with form.

He was initially pulled from Darwin Harbour for attacking some boats and climbing aboard others.

And, unlike his namesake, he has had some serious trouble in the serenading department. Elvis the croc was first moved to a breeding facility where he killed two females before he was brought to Somersby in 2008.

Ms Bain said the reptile keepers weren’t taken completely by surprise but would not be taking any more maintenance shortcuts.

‘‘The difference was we had two lawnmowers in his yard, instead of one, and we have learned a very valuable lesson,’’ Ms Bain said. ‘‘He’s a nasty croc, there’s no doubt.’’

Staff waited a few hours before attempting to retrieve the mower and the two large teeth from the bottom of the pond.

Elvis was distracted by the lure of kangaroo meat offered by one keeper, while the other went in and retrieved the two teeth and the mower.

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