Hunter's top baby names

LUCAS has claimed the title as the most popular baby name in the Hunter in 2011.

More children named Lucas appeared in the Newcastle Herald birth notices this year than babies with any other name.

Lucas took the top spot from Cooper, which had held the position for three years.

Among the girls Mia and Olivia were the most popular names, but not as many people chose them as picked Lucas.

Among the boys, biblical names such as Thomas, Samuel, Ethan, Noah, Samson and Eli were regular features.

For girls vintage names such as Ruby, Ava, Audrey, Essie, Molly, Maeve, Olive and Ivy were in vogue.

Typically Australian names such as Jack, Adelaide, Lawson, and Matilda were also common.

Interesting listings included Arlington, Cherry-Lyn, Caris, Ce Jay, Cu, Duke, Jaxson, Jet, Kaidem, Lijah, Myah, Memphis, Nixen and Quinton.

Several parochial parents named their sons Hunter.

Someone may have drawn inspiration from the Royal wedding when they named their daughter Pippa and a few named their children either Will or William.

Naming after celebrities and characters was also clear with listings such as Ashton, Aiden, Bella, Cullen, Cohen, Demi, Dempsey, Dennie, Halle, Scarlett and Stella.

There were fewer phonetically spelt names this year as parents moved away from the oft-mocked trend, and even fewer hyphenated names.

The largest number of names started with A; none started with U.

Charlestown parents Alison Murray and Daniel Watson named their second-born son Lucas when he arrived on April 12.

Ms Murray said she tried to pick unusual names for her first, Isaac, 2, and then Lucas, eight months, and was surprised to find they were so popular.

‘‘Lucas was a name we really liked,’’ she said.



1) Mia, Olivia

2) Chloe

3) Ava, Ruby

4) Sophie

5) Amelia, Emily, Isabella, Ivy, Matilda

6) Evie, Zoe, Sienna


1) Lucas

2) Samuel, Lachlan

3) Jack, Liam, Oliver, Thomas

4) Eli, Ethan, Flynn, Hamish, Harrison, Noah, Riley, Xavier, Lincoln

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