Opinion | Hidden dangers lurking at work | Faith Eeson

Are we limited in our thinking when it comes to managing safety in our workplaces?  Are we focused on preventative strategies through staff training, policies and procedures, but falling short in providing procedures and training in terms of effective safety management when a crisis and emergency situation arises?

From time to time, we learn of lives being lost needlessly or people being injured when they have tried to assist a co-worker or team member, and found themselves in strife. The lack of knowledge and training exacerbates what is already a critical event, as the actions taken by the rescuer exposes them to danger too. Resulting in a catastrophic situation, as in the carbon monoxide poisoning of three people in the water tank recently. Is it timely for workplaces to review their procedures, particularly in high-risk activities and dangerous goods by identifying the hidden dangers, then implementing action.

WORKPLACE SAFETY: It is everyone's responsibility.

WORKPLACE SAFETY: It is everyone's responsibility.

Faith Eeson is a safety consultant at FOCCALE Safety Management

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