Perfect time for red-hot fishing

IT’S that time of year when things come together as far as fishing goes.

The water’s warm, the weather’s warmer and the fishing’s red hot.

Maitland accountant Paul Horne certainly crunched some numbers out on the Shelf last Saturday.

Paul headed out with Steve Woods and Wally Morris on Wal’s boat Firey III to troll for marlin.

About an hour into it they spotted some timber and thought it might be worth a shot to see if there were any dolphin fish about.

First pass they got a triple hook-up with wahoo.

Mayhem ensued as they endeavoured to land the fish.

Two were boated but one bit through the trace.

‘‘Each pass of the log saw the lures attacked by wahoo,’’ Paul said.

‘‘Unfortunately we didn’t have any wire trace on board so we lost a few lures in the process, but the fun was worth the expense!

‘‘We ended up landing four, but we must have lost a dozen.’’

Wahoo are most commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical water, so their presence down this way suggests warm water.

‘‘Two weeks ago I was out and the water was really dirty, wood and weed everywhere,’’ Paul said.

‘‘But on Saturday, it had that real deep blue colour you get when warm water arrives.

‘‘We had temps nearly up to 28 degrees. There was baitfish everywhere.

‘‘We didn’t get any marlin but we saw a few game boats working places like the Carpark and they had flags up so obviously they were getting a few. We got a 120kg blue marlin last week.’’

Mackerel makes her day

WE have a bit of an accountant flavour this week: Newcastle CPA Jenny Krstevski ended up in the black with a nice spanish mackerel after a day’s charter fishing up at Hamilton Island recently.

Whiting are biting

BRENT ‘‘Hammer’’ Hancock, from Tackleworld Port Stephens, reports there’s stacks of big sand whiting and flathead in the bay.

The whiting are biting on live worms and surface poppers.

‘‘Steve Barnett, from Bullzeye Butchery, released a 90cm lizard caught in Shoal Bay on a soft plastic,’’ Hammer said.

‘‘Paul ‘Ringo’ Lennon got a 16kg and 17kg jew fishing north of Broughton Island.

‘‘There’s also been a few caught in the bay around Karuah.

‘‘Adam Crowfoot speared an 18kg kingfish off Broughton Island last Saturday. And there’s plenty of trag on the Outer 21 and the Big Gibber.’’

Fruitful pickings

HAMMER ventured offshore on Born Free over the weekend and reported the water off Port Stephens, unlike that further south, was a nutrient rich green colour. The boys bottom bashed and bagged a couple of 6kg kings and a 5kg yellowfin.

Further south Rob Curry fishing on Marquee got three blue marlin, one estimated to weigh 300kg, and a striped marlin.

Another angler who passed through Hammer’s shop got a 17kg dolphin fish off the FAD.

‘‘This bloke is also an avid fly fisher, so we also advised him to park parallel to the breakwall of the marina in Nelson Bay and he had great fun spinning rat kings on the fly rod,’’ Hammer said.

Yellowbelly to rescue

VALENTINE Bowling Club fishing clubmates, JK (John Kalverla), Chris DeBoer and Joe Mewitt got some very handy yellowbelly down on Lake Windermere, near Jervis Bay, last week.

The boys enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry and apparently JK was copping it as the other two racked up fish after fish. However, JK wasn’t going to let them have the last laugh.

The crew were due to head home at 10am on Monday, and come 9.30am, never-say-die JK hooked a massive 5.5kg yellowbelly.

Mate Neil Cooley reports: ‘‘The last time I spoke with JK he was down at the Valentine Bowling Club still sticking it to the other two boys and will quite possibly ‘live’ on his efforts for the next couple of months. They are already planning their next trip.’’

Handy handful

AUBREY Brooks bagged his first big snapper on Broughton Island last Saturday – a very handy 5.3kg fish.

Jew on the chew

IN a week of firsts, Hamilton North angler Mathew Dorman got his debut jewfish last Sunday night on Stockton breakwall.

Mat was grateful to a couple of blokes who helped out with the gaffing.

The fish weighed in at a very respectable 10kg.

The jew are well and truly on the chew at the moment.

Jason Newberry, from Singleton, got an 8kg mulloway in the harbour on the Saturday.

There’s also a fair bit of flathead action throughout local estuaries.

Trent Williams, from Clarence Town landed a beauty up at Harrington through the week.

While, eight-year-old Jeremy Drury got himself a massive lizard in Lake Macquarie on Friday night on his first ever fishing trip with his old man.

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