The speech "tic tic tic"

The tics of our communication can be charming, and the world is a warmer place for Jim Trott's no no no no no yes in The Vicar of Dibley.

My favourite tic is the fingered quotes, the index and middle fingers of each hand curling and uncurling to denote quote unquote. I knew a fellow who used finger quotes every time he spoke, and while it thus had no meaning for others the finger quote seems to be about alerting us to irony, slang or, even, a quote.

It's also an experience to talk to someone who repeats what you say, generally just the last few words, and a related tic is a speaker repeating what he or she says. But for sheer fun nothing beats the second guesser, the person who tries to finish your sentence. You'll say "we're going to the" and the second guesser will say "pictures?". Nope. "The beach?" Nope, the moon! "Not the pictures or the beach, you're going to the moon!" she'll exclaim in peals of laughter. Great fun.

And to be treasured are the women who pick at real or imagined specks on your clothing during the conversation.

What are your favourite communication tics? And might you have one yourself?

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